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Sinus Surgery

When indications are met for traditional operating room sinus surgery, Dr. Shea and his surgical assistants have experience treating thousands of patients over several decades.  Surgical assistants have over 25 years of experience in the operating room assisting Dr Shea! Dr. Shea has been involved with the evolution of sinus surgery and interpretation of sinus CT scans since the 1970s.  Dr. Shea and his team developed a patented nasal septal splint over 20 years ago, that is still being used to prevent intranasal scarring, and holding the septum and middle turbinates in position during the healing process. 

Care and attention to detail helps prevent blood loss toallow proper visualization of sinus anatomy, preventing the need for nasal drip pads and nasal packing, and allows faster and more complete recovery.

Careful, un-rushed surgical technique, results in reduced need for revision sinus surgery. Furthermore, adequate allergy evaluation and management, especially of delayed food allergy, prevents return of nasal polyps and requirement for further sinus procedures. 

Dr. Shea performs sinus surgery exclusively at Texas Health Huguley Surgery Center, which has continued to keep up with technological advances, providing the latest endoscopic sinus surgical equipment in a modern facility filled with talented and compassionate health care providers, resulting in exceptional patient friendly experience.


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