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Allergy FAQS

Listed below are some of the most common questions about allergies. Click on a question to see content. Click on the questions again to hide the content.
What is an allergy?
Why did I develop allergies?
What areas are affected, and what symptoms can occur from allergies?
How do sublingual drops work?
Is Sublingual Immunotherapy for alleries FDA approved?
Why has the FDA not approved Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)? And what do they mean by "off label use?
Are other FDA approved products being used "off label" by doctors?
Does everyone get the same vial?
Can the allergy drop solution be used to treat sudden severe reactions (anaphylaxis) to a single known offending food, such as severe reactions to peanut and fish?
What can I expect the allergy drops to do?
What alternatives do I have to treating my allergies?
Is it really necessary for me to avoid things to which I am allergic?
When can I stop taking medications that I have been using to treat allergy problems?
How long should I expect to receive the allergy drops before I am “cured”.
I have been told that I have “vasomotor rhinitis”. Decongestant medications and surgery to open the nasal airways have been recommended. Could chronic food allergies be the problem?
How long will it take before I can notice some relief of my allergy symptoms?
Does it matter if I eat around the same time I use the drops?
Besides molecules of food or airborne antigens, and sterile water, what else is in the allergy drop vial?
Can glycerin preservative in the allergy drop solution cause a problem?
Have there been fatal reactions reported from using allergy drops or shots?
What are the reactions to allergy drops?
How is a reaction to the allergy drop treated?
Is it necessary to observe for any reactions?
Is there a risk of severe allergic reaction?
Other than an initial worsening of symptoms, is there any reason to stop the allergy drops?
How often are the follow-up visits?
Are allergy drops expensive?
How do I reorder the vials?
What is concomitant food allergy?
Allertol is not used to prevent or treat immediate life-threatening allergy/anaphylaxis.
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