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Food Allergies

Chronic Delayed Food Allergies
“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”
Roman father of medicine, Hippocrates, 400 B.C. 

“What is food to one man is bitter poison to others.”
Roman healer and philosopher, Lucretius, 50 B.C. 

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
Irish poet George Bernard Shaw, 1903. 

“The food you love most in life, may not love you back.”
Texas physician John P. Shea, M.D., 2008.
Delayed Immune Responses

Allertol, The Allergy Drop SolutionDelayed immune responses to food will be described here as chronic food allergies or delayed food allergies. They usually occur hours after eating or drinking, but can begin to occur before the end of a meal. Watch repeated sneezing in a restaurant for example. Anything ingested can be a culprit, but dairy products seem most common. Food and drink addictions are most commonly associated with delayed food allergies.

Unlike the immediate food allergy reaction, which can result in severe sudden reactions including anaphylaxis and death, the delayed food allergy reaction results in less severe and more chronic reactions. And unlike the immediate reaction, which is caused by an antibody called IgE, the delayed reaction is felt to be the result of other immune system mediators. Immediate, severe food allergies can be tested reliably with Immunoglobulin E ( IgE) blood test, but there is not a consistent blood test for delayed food allergies, and skin testing may produce inconsistent results.

Delayed food allergies are often “hidden” in the diet, and seldom suspected.  The patient will often state “I can’t be allergic to that; I love it and have it all the time!” And the delayed food allergy patient may be allergic to many foods with different and confusing reactions.  The immediate food allergy patient becomes acutely aware of which food must be avoided, and experiences the same set of severe sudden symptoms. An example is severe asthma within minutes of eating peanut, a tree nut, fish or seafood.  Allertol is not used for these life-threatening food allergies.

Like allergy shots, the allergy drops use FDA approved antigen extracts to create a custom made solution. In the United States, tens of thousands of patients have received benefit from allergy drops. In some areas of Europe, sublingual immunotherapy is used more often than shots. Much like a series of allergy shots, allergy drops are used to gradually change the immune system over a period of several years.

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Who Is Not a Candidate for Allergy Drop Therapy?
Allertol is not used to prevent or treat immediate life-threatening allergy /anaphylaxis.
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