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Allertol® , the allergy drop solution, is available through Shea ENT, offering "SHOT-FREE" allergy care! 

Allertol®, a registered trademark combining the words ALLERgen and TOLerance, is a unique allergy drop solution for chronic airborne and food allergies.  The Allertol method for testing and treating delayed food allergies was awarded patent number 8,802,056 in 2014.

Through research, allergy meetings, original clinical studies, patient feedback, and valuable input from Shea ENT personnel, this transition from shots to drops that began in 2006 has been successful for thousands of patients.  No more dangerous painful injections with poor compliance.  Allertol® is ideal for children, even toddlers, and for busy people with little time for doctor visits. Allertol® follow-ups are once or twice a year.  No weekly clinic visits and waiting after injections to see if adrenalin is needed for anaphylactic reaction!  A tax-free medical savings account can be used to purchase Allertol®.

Imagine a convenient, simple, painless, cost-effective immune therapy for chronic allergies: Allertol®


  Allergy Drops

Allergy Shots

Insurance Only for Testing Yes
FDA Approved Off-Label Use Yes
Cost Six Month Supply $1 Per Day Deductible, time off work / school travel expense
Death from Anapnhylaxis None Death is Rare
Epinephrine? No Must Have Available
Reactions Mouth Itching, Symptoms Worsening Arm Swelling, Asthma, Hives, Anaphylaxis
Route Drop Under Tongue Injection in Arm
Duration Months to Years 3 or More Years
Frequency Drops 3 Times Daily Shots Usually Weekly
Kid Friendly As Young as 2 Years Not So Much
Indications Seasonal Allergies, Chronic Food Allergy Seasonal Allergies
Contraindications None Severe Asthma, Hives, Severe Grass/Cat Allergy, Anaphylactic Reactions, Beta Blocker Medications, Fear of Needles/Shots,Unable to Travel to Clinic, Unable to Take Off Work, Unable to Leave School
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