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Sinus Disorders

Sinus disorders include acute and chronic sinusitis, bacterial and fungal sinus infection, and mucus cysts/polyps/tumors of the sinuses.

Evaluation of sinus complaints requires obtaining a detailed medical history and thorough physical exam. Also it may be necessary to:

  • Obtain a culture of the nasal passages to help determine what type of bacteria is present, its resistance, and best antibiotic to use. 
  • Perform a fiber optic exam of the nasal cavities which can reveal the presence of polyps, septal deviation, fungal infection, etc.  This exam is done in the office, with anesthetic decongestant nose spray.
  • Obtain a CT scan of the sinuses to help determine the extent of sinus disease, and if the patient is a candidate for balloon sinuplasty
  • Perform skin or blood tests for airborne allergies such as pollens, molds, animal danders, and house dust mites
  • Sublingual testing for delayed food allergies, a common cause for nocturnal nasal blockage and sinus infection
  • Administer therapeutic trials of medications

Sinusitis - instant relief that lasts, with an office sinus dilation procedure.


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